“Did I take my pills today?”

If you or someone you care for needs some extra help keeping track of which medications to take when, we can help.

Non-compliance – missing doses or not taking medications as prescribed – is a big healthcare issue. It reduces the effectiveness of medication, increases the chance of needing more treatment, and makes it more challenging to manage your health.

To make it easier to know which medications to take when and to make sure that you don’t miss a dose, we can package your medications into blister packs or dosettes. With up to four doses per day, you can be sure that you get the right medication in the morning, at lunch, in the late afternoon/evening, and before bed.

The advantages of blister packs and dosettes include:

  • Safety – reduce the chance of missed doses or double doses. You get the right medication at the right time.
  • Compliance – you know whether you’ve taken or missed a dose.
  • Convenience – we do all of the work to organize your medications for you.

We prepare a new blister pack or dosette for you every week – all you have to do is pick it up, or we can even deliver it to you.

Call us or stop in today to talk with a pharmacist about setting up blister packs or dosettes for you or someone you care for.